Dr. Chitra Ravi, Dr. Mohan Kumar S

Publication Date:

April 2023

No.of Pages:300
Price: ₹ 400



Magestic Technology Solutions (P) Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Chennai, India.


“Computer Architecture” provides an in-depth understanding of computer organization and design principles. It covers topics such as instruction set architecture, processor architecture, memory hierarchy, input/output systems, and parallel processing. The book explains how these components work together to form a complete computer system, and how computer architects make design decisions to optimize system performance. The first section of the book introduces fundamental concepts such as binary representation, digital logic gates, and Boolean algebra. The second section covers processor architecture, including instruction set design, datapath and control unit, pipelining, and hazards. The third section discusses memory hierarchy and cache design, including virtual memory, TLB, and page replacement algorithms. The fourth section covers input/output systems, including device controllers, DMA, and interrupts. The fifth section introduces parallel processing concepts, including SIMD and MIMD architectures. The book is intended for undergraduate and graduate students in computer science and computer engineering, as well as professionals working in the field of computer architecture. It provides a comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of computer organization and design principles, and includes numerous examples and exercises to reinforce key concepts.

Keywords: Computer Architecture, Instruction Set Architecture, Processor Architecture, Memory Hierarchy, Input/Output Systems, Parallel Processing, Datapath, Control Unit, Pipelining, Hazards, Cache Design, Virtual Memory, TLB, Page Replacement Algorithms, Device Controllers, DMA, Interrupts, SIMD Architecture, MIMD Architecture.

Book Citation

Dr. Chitra Ravi, Dr. Mohan Kumar S, (2023). Computer Architecture (1st ed.). Magestic Technology Solutions (P) Ltd. ISBN: 978-93-92090-17-2. DOI:

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