Inplant & Internships


Inplant & Interships



This is the training phase where the students would gain the practical knowledge of the subject ( i.e) the particular domain in which the student has more interest and has a passion for it to have good exposure. It is generally related to academics and sometimes credits are given for that. The students get practical exposure from the industry experts which helps them a lot to begin their career as a professional for a fixed duration. Generally, the internship is a long duration program maximum of 6 months and not more than a year. If an individual performs well during their internship then there is a possibility, that the company directly hires them into the industry. Overall it is like having a hands-on experience.



The Inplant training also provides practical knowledge but this would entirely be on the working of the industry. The duration time for the in-plant training is short and maximum it would be 4 weeks. In-plant training requires you to visit our company where we teach you something and let you learn what happens in the real world / real companies and how much they differ from the education you receive in college. It is in the hands of the students to use the in-plant training as a starting ground for an internship just like you can use your internship as a starting ground for your job.

If students undergo in-plant training and internship they will know the expectation of the real world and company, work accordingly and moreover they gain practical knowledge in the area they would like to expertise. As a whole process if these both are attained one can successfully implement their project and set a constant growth in their job. With all these, they can face the real-world challenges and makes a change in the entire society.


Implant Training is a short duration training course provided by Magestic Technology Solutions (P) Ltd (MTSPL) to help to get “industry knowledge” and know-how the industry works. Its usefulness varies on which company you get your implant training and what branch you belong too. It is done to understand what happens in the industry and how much our studies collaborate with industry knowledge.


  1. Get Tangible Work Experience
  2. Get a Perception of Your Chosen Field
  3. Start Networking
  4. Helps You Choose a Specialism
  5. Benefits You to Become More Self-Confident
  6. Boosts Your CV
  7. Increases Your Market Value 



Engineering students will attain theoretical knowledge in their direction duration. They will analyse the fundamentals of engineering in their professional degree path which is not enough to get a job. During Recruitment all corporations assume greater than just simple book knowledge, they will appear for a good deal greater practical exposure candidates – Someone who is a specialist and have some technical knowledge. One way to get technical knowledge is through the Inplant Training program. That too, mastering from the city-based businesses will have extra publicity to the real-time world. Chennai – Capital of Tamil Nadu is outstanding for its upcoming modern technology trends. Inplant education in Chennai affords extra exposure to the students and build their profile.

MTSPL focuses on creating and technical oriented ideas that turn graduates into employable assets. Handled solely with the aid of experts from MNC companies, we be aware of how to equip you with robust technical fundamentals. We guarantee you to achieve your dreams and goals in your future.


Students who are desirous of doing your Inplant / Internship may send their detail to / or call us at 9962 57810 / 97909 11374.