Dr. Preetha Mary George
Dr. N. S. Shubhashree
Dr. B. Latha

Publication Date:

10th April 2024

No.of Pages: 156
Price: ₹ 350/-


Magestic Technology Solutions (P) Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Chennai, India.


“Entrepreneurship” is a comprehensive guide for those starting and nurturing their ventures in today’s dynamic global market. This book seeks to demystify the entrepreneurial process, offering a blend of theoretical insight, practical knowledge, and personal anecdotes to illuminate aspiring entrepreneurs’ paths. Starting with an overview of what defines an entrepreneur, it addresses common myths. It lays the groundwork for understanding the entrepreneurial mindset. The text delves into the mechanisms of entrepreneurial development, financial structures supporting business growth, and the methodologies that foster innovation, such as design thinking. Special attention is given to the role of entrepreneurial training, the impact of entrepreneurship on economic development, and the unique challenges faced by women in the field. Through a mixture of theory, case studies, and reflective questions, this book aims to equip readers with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of starting and growing a business, making it an invaluable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs, students of business, and educators alike.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial journey, global market, theoretical insight, practical knowledge, entrepreneurial mindset, financial structures, innovation, design thinking, economic development, women entrepreneurs.

Book Citation

Dr. Preetha Mary George, Dr. N. S. Shubhashree, Dr. B. Latha(2024). Entrepreneurship. ISBN: 978-93-92090-37-0. DOI: www.doi.org/10.47716/978-93-92090-37-0

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